The Secret

“Agnus Dei”

Agnus Dei

Agnus Dei (CD)

Agnus Dei - Japanese Import

Agnus Dei - Japanese Import (CD)

one  bonus song:

- May God Damn All Of Us (demo)

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Agnus Dei

The Secret are one of the heaviest and most extreme bands to ever crawl their way out of Italy. The Secret come to life as an output for rage, darkness and negativity. The band combines elements of crust/grind, primitive black metal, dark soundscapes and monolithic riffs to take the listener by the hand through an hallucinated trip towards a foggy and yet invisible tomorrow.

After their 2010 release: Solve Et Coagula on Southern Lord, they went through a few member changes before settling on their current and indisputably best incarnation. This lineup is a lethal, death-ripping war machine! Like the previous album, the new one: Agnus Dei was also recorded by Kurt Ballou at Godcity studios. This new blasphemous titan is without question their heaviest, and most filthy crust-ridden recording to date.