A blackened/death/ sludge behemoth from Seattle, WA. Started in 2014 out of a mutual interest in exploring dissonant and punishing sounds and inspired by bands such as Portal, Incantation, Blut Aus Nord, and Swans. Hissing guitarist: Joe O’Malley is the younger brother of Sunn O)))/Burning Witch/Khanate/KTL guitarist Stephen O’Malley and yes the grimm darkness runs in the blood….


On Tour

When Where With
2017-10-08 Shakedown
Bellingham, WA
2017-10-11 Tonic Lounge
Portland, OR
2017-10-15 Golden Bull
Oakland, CA
2017-10-16 Press Club
Sacramento, CA
2017-10-17 Five Star Bar
Los Angeles, CA
2017-10-19 Moustache Bar
Tijuana, MX
2017-10-20 Yucca Tap Room
Tempe, AZ
2017-10-21 Second Street Brewery
Santa Fe, NM
2017-10-22 Flux Capacitor
Colorado Springs, CO
2017-10-23 Hi Dive
Denver, CO
2017-10-24 8 Bytes Game Café
Laramie, WY
2017-10-25 The Shredder
Boise, ID